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During defiance economic times the fragile relationship between employees and employers is harshly tested. Executive making decisions during the economical downturn may affect their employees drastically. The current recession has curtailed 2 significant principals of business environment – trust and integrity. The disconnection between employers and employees over trust and respect claimed voluntary turnover in organizations.
What has caused this decay in trust? Extensive deception at the workplace and organizations mishandling employees to executives committing corruption and thus taking credit for others work eroded trust over time. Many leaders in all sectors failed to envision the power behind illustrating high integrity and being trustworthy. They also failed to conceive how it affects business results and finally they failed to understand that cultivating and conserving trust with their employees and teams is a major compelling leadership tool than any vital marketing or sales plan.Integrity and trust promotes debate, authorizes innovation and welcome the changes which leads an organization’s business. Trust requires one to communicate openly with the management, teams and colleagues; to share equally the key information about both successes and challenges, and to learn and grow from one’s own experiences. A workplace where fear is altered with compassion and trust, an environment where learned and refined leaders establish collective and respectful environment and thus team member work at their highest potential is a leading culture of organizational trust. In order to have a credible culture of integrity and trust the following is suggested to be applied.
Animate the principles
Match actions with words. Live up to the values one advocate. Inspire people through leading by example. Exercise and encourage adjustment with the values daily and send clear indications about what the values are. Make ethics precedence. Model righteous behavior and support those who maintain standards. Greek banking sector

Communicate Connect and Correspond
Boost clear communication. Keep employees abreast and concentrate issues when one monitors them. Create a discourse. Pay attention, Connect and involve people at the principal of a project or decision as early as possible. Appreciate people’s contributions and opinions. Disseminate the importance of ethics and integrity, along with mutual perception and values. Supply apparent and consistent communication to key stakeholders.
Disclose the Reality
Be candid. Elude hidden agendas. Be easy, uncomplicated, and consistent. Share what you are acquainted with when you recognize it.
Be in integrity
Make good on your promises and commitments. Be realistic. Don’t over commit. Act what you say you’re going to do. Accept accountability for the conduct and act ethically.
Be authentic
Engage in honest conversations. Be credible. Be who you say you are. Demonstrate company values through thoughts, words, intentions and actions. Bring words and actions into alignment.
Be Obligated
Admit mistakes. Be clear and be apparent. Acknowledge information as needed. Acutely communicate facts to establish trust and credibility with stakeholders.
Admire the individual
Foster mutual trust and respect. Be inclusive and show compassion. Endorse and honor people’s feelings and concerns.
Share information
Keep employees acquainted and direct issues when they are perceived. Note that outcomes may change, and provide appropriate feedback. Involve people at the fundamental level of a project or decision whenever possible. Engage those who are or could be influenced. Sharing of information within and between teams composes dialogue, encourages cooperation, and assists frame community over time.