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Integrity & Trust: ConsistencyA lot is discussed through significant books and research scholars about the role of the character of an organization or a leader and what it really represents. Whether one is operating an organization or a store, delegating a project or executing a community event the perspective of one who leads towards the team or group effects what they do and what they think of the leader or an organization. A person who positively leads from character doesn’t need the title, authority or power because people will passionately join that person in their quest of a goal. These people are going to be committed, motivated and ardent about pursuing the goal because they trust you. It all comes down to people accomplishing things because they want to as contrary to being forced to. Character represents who you really are. It’s the central fiber of your being. It is your inner self in action. It reveals what you are truly made of, it’s your substance. It sets one apart, creates trust, advocates excellence, augments influence and assists one to sustain.
Connect to engage has been said so many times and that valid leadership is determined by ones ability to motivate and influence others. The great barrier confronted by many is to comprehend how to effectively inspire and influence the whole team comprised of exclusive individuals. The one-word answer is simply to – CONNECT! Leaders, managers and supervisors must devote the time in each and every one of their team members to get to know more about them – to establish a connection based on trust, honesty and respect. This personal and professional connection will draw the management and their team together, to work more adequately to improve efficiencies and increase production and profitability. The prospect of leading a team that is so well connected is truly exciting. If an employee is engaged, it means that he feels he has a personal stake in the outcome – an authentic desire to contribute to something larger than himself, something even more important than monetary gain. Top leaders understand that in order to connect with their workforce, they need to leverage the power of emotion. Only by connecting with the individual, can a leader create a powerful team consisting of employees who are personally committed, and emotionally/physically engaged. Buyer seller relationships

Consistency at workplace is the last C’s of building and maintaining trust among your employees. Being consistent in ones practice leads you towards a trustworthy working relationship and one way to implement this practice to verify that all team members are on the same page is to distribute documents outlining the companies’ policies and guidelines. Consistency is hard to achieve but it does scores high points because it structures and supports employee’s expectations. Due to hectic workplaces of today keeping consistency can present a challenge but at the same time a workplace having consistent policies, procedures and code of conduct has its marvelous benefits as well. There can be number of reasons why at workplace should be a goal to determine how much effort one should assign to establish consistency? Organizations where consistency appears employees feel more organized than where things are constantly changing. By making things consistent, one can allow employees to dedicate more of their time to the completion of their actual job duties, likely leading to an increase in productivity and thus making it easier for the employees to understand the duties associated with their jobs as well as your expectations for them.