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For this study, farm level data were collected on 120 women food croppers in Ogun State. Ogun state is one of the 36 states in Nigeria located in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. The climate is tropical and ecology is rainforest. There are twenty (20) local government areas (LGAs) in the state. It has an estimated land area of 16, 409 square kilometers. The state is well suited for production of crops such as maize, rice, cassava, yams, plantain, tomatoes etc. and cash crops like cocoa, rubber, palm-oil, sugarcane etc. The bulk of the agricultural product comes from manually cultivated rain-fed crops. Mixed cropping system of farming is common in the state. The selection of respondent famers for this study was multistage. In the first stage, the LGAs in the state were divided into four strata based on farmers’ economic, socio-cultural and geographical considerations, and one LGA was selected from each stratum.

The second stage involved random selection of three villages from each LGA. From each village, ten women farmers were randomly selected making a total of 120 women farmers. And this constituted the third stage of sampling. Production resources were categorized into five groups: land, labour, implements agrochemicals and seed. Land was measured in hectares, and human labour was measured in mandays (for family and hired labour). Implements, agrochemicals and seeds were each measured as quantity as well as the price of the resources. Depreciation values of implements were also taken into consideration.